Lumi Smart Home


Home Controller is an element of the smart home system. It links and controls all devices. It allows you to control your hom everywhere via a smartphone or a tablet makes it the perfect smart home hub for a complete smart home system.


It is so compact that you can fit it into Any power socket and take control of all Your smart home devices using a single controller

Free Cloud Connect

The cloud connectivity feature allows You to easily and conveniently give Commands to your controller using the Internet from anywhere around the world

OVER The Air (OTA) Update

It support over the air (OTA) firmware updates to seamlessly help in keeping your controller Up-to-date at all times

Plug and Play

With wireless operation and easy setup. It helps you manage your smart home. With just a single push of a button

Technical Specifications

  • Internet Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G USB Modem
  • Protocol : Z-Wave Plus / Zigbee
  • Operating Voltage : AC110/230V / 50-60Hz
  • Processor : MIPS24KEc 580Mhz
  • RAM & ROM : 120MB & 32MB
  • Plug Type : Interchangeable
  • Master / Slave Controller : Supported
  • Number of Nodes Support Per Controller : 230
  • RF Range : 30m Indoor , 60, Outdoor
    Encryption Security Level : S2
  • IP Camera : Supported
  • Voice Control : Google / Alexa

Total Solutions

Light Control System

Automatic Curtain

Scheduled On/Off Water Heater

Air-Conditioner Control

Stair Light Sensor

Motion Sensor

Door Sensor

Security Camera

Smart Door Lock

RGB LED 16 Million Colours

Multi Audio