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INC-PSP05A-D PIR Motion Sensor

PIR Motion iSensor – Wall Mount (Hat)


  • Max. 12 meter motion detection distance
  • 360 degree (adjustable direction)
  • Len cover (adjustable shutter)
  • Waterproof
  • Wall mount / Ceiling mount
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in Z-Wave 5th generation chip
  • Min. 1 year battery life
  • CE/FCC/Z-Wave Plus certified

Technical Specifications

  • Model PSP05-D
  • Power
    Operating Voltage: 3.0 V by CR123A
    Standby Current (Sleep Mode): 30uA
    MCU Wake Up Current :33mA
    Low Battery Voltage: 2.6V
    RF Range: Z-Wave Up to 40M indoor (varies depending on building materials and building structure)
    Battery: CR123A 1700mA
    Battery Life: CR123A 3 years
  • PIR
    Wall Mount Distance: 10M
    Ceiling Mount: Mounting Height 4M
    Ceiling Mount: Radius Distance 6M
  • Environment
    Operation Temperature -10 ~ 40° C to have better PIR and battery performance
    Humidity 85%RH max